Pebble Beach Garden Show

"Room with a View"
April 12-14, 1996
at The Lodge At Pebble Beach
presented by Garden Design Magazine

The appreciation for a beautiful garden is usually determined by the fleeting glances that occur throughout the day from inside. Most people never realize how little time they actually spend in the garden as opposed to the amount of time that they spend "just viewing he garden." Craven Landscaping designs and maintains their projects with this attention in mind.

Just as an artist designs and paints with a focal point, theme and color, Craven's Garden Design follows the same discipline.

The focal point in "A Room with a View" is the Bronze of children playing in the center of the pond, framed by the sparkling water falls from the sandstone cliffs.

The pink sandstone patio with grass between the stones acts as the canvass or foundation for all the other colors of the garden to contrast from. The Cupressocyparis and High Head Plums frame the garden creating height and depth.

Finally, to compliment all of the senses, special lighting and speaker rocks are strategically placed to enhance the view with sight and sound.

The Elements
  1. Saxifraga Peter Pan
  2. Photinia fraseri
  3. Artemisia Big Sir
  4. Fatsia joponica
  5. Fremontodendron
  6. Bougainvillea brasiliensis
  7. Lamium White Nancy
  8. Jasminum polyanthum
  9. Euonymus japonica Silver Queen
  10. Geum chiloense
  11. Verbana Homestead Purple
  12. Erigeron karvinskianus
  13. Rosa banksii Yellow
  14. High Head Plums
  15. Cupressocyparis leylandii
  16. Phormium tenex Bronze
  17. Eschscholizia californica
  18. Tagetes erecta Inca Yellow
  19. Pelargonium Zonai White
  20. Speaker Rock
  21. Pond
  22. Water Feature
  23. Sandstone patio with grass
  24. View window
  25. Pot
  26. Sandstone cliff