Clean-up & Renovation Programs
Important throughout the year. Contact us when you need to get your property back to "square 1". Custom developed for each client, these services are used for a variety of reasons. The end result, however, is a property who's landscape looks neat, clean & functional. The Company offers quarterly and seasonal programs. Shown below are two of its Seasonal Programs......

Fall Clean-up Programs.
Fall is a great time for family fun. There's that crisp, clean fall smell in the air. Go for a hike or long drive in the Mountains or along California's beautiful coastline while Craven Landscaping does the heavy raking and lifting. Fall clean up includes:

  • Leaf clean up can include clean up of lawn, garden, hardscape and woodline buffer.
  • Recycle greenwaste at the local landfill.
  • Gutter and Downspout Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Area Drain / Drain Pipe Inspection & Maintenance
  • Winter Fertilizer & Pre-Emergence Wood Control
  • Fall Irrigation Service Winterization/Shut Down
  • Set Controllers to Standard Time & Change Batteries
  • Fruit Tree and Rose Pruning.
  • Dormant Spray for For Fruit Trees and Roses.
  • Mowing of turf, if needed.
  • Power Wash Hard Surfaces
  • Fall Color Install
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Install Landscape Lighting (Days are Short & Nights are Long)
Just go to the Maintenance Form to provide your contact information and Check the 'Fall Cleanup' box.

Spring Clean-up Programs.

Spring is a magical time in the garden, and you don't want to spend it cleaning your lawn and garden's winter debris. We can provide a one-time, spring-cleanup service, or as part of the core maintenance services. Spring Clean-Up includes:

  • Clean out leaves and Debris from gardens
  • Install Spring Color
  • Light pruning of winter injury on shrubs (dead or damaged branches)
  • Thatching and/or clean up of lawn area
  • Clean up of buffer zone along wooded areas (as needed)
  • Clean fountains & check pump systems
  • Power Wash Hard Surfaces
  • Recycle greenwaste at the local landfill.
  • Blowing off hardscapes
  • Spring Fertilizing.
  • Irrigation Inspection, Repair and Calibration
  • Reset Controllers for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Mowing of turf, if needed
Optional services include spot seeding, pre-emergence weed control, aeration of turf and mulching.

Just go to the Maintenance Form to provide your contact information and Check the 'Spring Cleanup' box.