California State Parks Foundation's
Park Observation Program (POP)
"We need your help in caring for our California state parks. By taking part in our new Park Observation Program (POP), you can be the eyes and ears for your local parks by reporting issues you find during your visit to our new POP website. For example, maybe you are hiking in your favorite park and you come across some graffiti on a picnic bench. Here is your opportunity to help. Take a photo and upload it along with a description to POP from your smartphone or from your computer when you get home. Issues like eroded trails, a fallen tree blocking the path, or a building that needs repairs are all observations that should be reported.
POP is designed to be an informational and managerial tool for CSPF and the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). With California's state parks suffering from budget cuts and a $1.3 billion maintenance backlog, the POP program will give park staff extra resources and support in the field. Information collected from the program will be recorded and shared with the park staff that will, in return, provide feedback to program participants on the outcome of their report. We have launched a pilot program of POP in the Santa Cruz District. Santa Cruz has the largest number of parks of any district in California, with parks ranging from beaches to mountains to historic sites. POP will be expanded throughout California over time, and will amass a valuable store of information about the state of our state parks. This information will help CSPF better understand what needs to be done in state parks to maintain an excellent state park system. Visit for more information. Thanks for helping us protect state parks!"


Sara Feldman, Vice President, Programs
California State Parks Foundation

CRAVEN LANDSCAPING PROUDLY URGES ALL WHO CAN TO SUPPORT THE FOLLOWING EFFORTS: ( Beach Clean up days : Oct. 13 10am-12 Moss Landing State Beach, Oct 20th 10am-12 Santa Cruz -Cowell and Main Beach
Cypress Fire Protection District www: cypress
Currently: they are working with our neighbors Carmel Views Assoc. in removing flammable vegetation within 30 feet immediately surrounding their homes., thinning vegetation/trees limbs etc, remove build up of leaves, 10 feet remove of limbs from chimneys
Giving back to the Community? Boys n Girls Club, helping the underseved communities. Look at
www.MEarth. Helping kids change to world, ( Located at Carmel Middle School)


Be Tsunami and Storm ready see: and

Environmental Working Group, EWG's 2012 Shoppers Guide helps you make informed choices about pesticides in your produce. Check its 'Dirty Dozen' and the 'Clean 15' to shop smarter.

CE Seminar Opportunity

Organic Production on the Coast

The pre-registration deadline is approaching fast. Register today!

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Salinas Elks Lodge
614 Airport Blvd Salinas, CA
8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Registration 7:30 a.m.
Registration fee includes lunch.

5.0 DPR CE Hours Approved (0.5 Laws & 4.5 Other) 7.0 CCA CE Hours Approved (2.5 Nutrient Mgmt, 2.0 IPM, 2.0 Crop Mgmt, 0.5 Prof. Devlp.)
This is an excellent opportunity to attend a high quality, informative training seminar on cultural and regulatory practices as they relate to certified organic farming. Seminar agenda topics will cover:
  • IPM in Certified Organic Production
  • Disease Control in Organic Production
  • Use of Cover Crops in Organic Production
  • Organic Sources of N, P, K
  • Central Coast Water Quality Issues
  • Weed Control in Organic Production
  • Organic Certifying Agent & PCAs
  • Organic Input Materials and Nitrate Contamination
  • Organic Berry Production
  • Use of Compost and Food Safety
  • Role of County Ag Commissioners in Organic Production
  • Grower Panel: Challenges of Managing Pest Control and Fertility in Certified Organic Farming

For agenda and registration information CLICK HERE
For on-line registration visit: