"The Cypress Grove Design" Barrett Project Pebble Beach Roark Craven of Craven Landscaping Inc., created a "design with a view" for the Barrett Residence of Pebble Beach, Ca. The expansive white water coastal view along with the beauty of Cypress point gave our design team the tools needed to work their effortless magic. The Barrett design was incorporated by the utilization of salt tolerant and deer proof plantings found in the California natives. The native color of Beach Asters, Douglas Iris, and the California bush like grasses allow the garden to come alive. Our team utilized the native plant Carexs in efforts to give a fan like appearance as it waves in the coastal breeze. The vibrant variations of color from the native ferns blanket the shadows of the garden. In efforts to bring back the Cypress grove, our design team planted over 100 Monterey Cypress trees. The height of the rear deck was brought back to earth form by planting a native hedge. The pathways were designed with reclaimed concrete and brick. The irrigation system was installed with a low precipitation drip system with a rain sensor to allow for automatic variations of weather conditions. The Barrett project design is a true replica of the beauty of Monterey Coastal Natives.