The Company

Craven Landscaping, established in 1979, employs about 25 well trained dedicated staff who work hard to satisfy your needs. We design, install, maintain, and enhance your garden or landscape with emphases on harmony with nature. Vision A landscape needs to fill your special needs for color, setting, and level of maintenance. Color can make the garden warm, visually exciting, and mentally stimulating. The setting must balance and enhance the natural surroundings extending its range to the farthest horizon. Maintenance must be at a level that gives you enjoyment but does not exceed your physical or finical resources. Craven Landscaping has the vision to balance all three to give you the most satisfaction from your garden, be it a commercial site or a garden court, from design to installation to maintenance Craven Landscaping can help you achieve your vision.

At the heart of Craven Landscaping is Owner Roark Craven, a licensed landscape contractor & native of the Monterey Peninsula. He couples a lifetime of exposure to the local beauty of the Monterey Bay area with the keen eye of a professional dedicated to wonderous garden development. For over 33 years this experience has enabled us to transform any designer's plans into a continual evolution of beauty suited to the unique Monterey Bay area environment. Expertise and experience make Craven Landscaping the best resource for landscape design, installation and maintenance of both residential & commercial properties in the Monterey and surrounding counties.

Lighting and other enhancements extend the garden's beauty and usability beyond dusk. Low voltage lighting highlights the unique aspects of your garden at night and strategically placed speakers can open up a whole new world of garden enjoyment.

Plants do not establish until the second or third year and the garden needs a long-term commitment, five, ten or more years to fully bloom. Craven Landscaping is dedicated to guiding the evolution of the garden to your vision.

We take time to answer your questions and to help you with all the aspects of your garden or landscape. Communication and respect for you are prime objectives of our staff and is how we earn your satisfaction.

Craven Landscaping is a California licensed contractor C-27, B License #562823 and a member of the Pacific Horticulture Society, the American Horticulture Society, and the California Landscape Contractors Association.