THE SYNTHETIC TURF OPTION - Now more than ever Monterey residents are aware of the shortage of water. Recent huge price spikes in both water & fuel and projected water shortages affect everybody. One way to implement a course of action to control and/or mitigate these problems is "The Synthetic Turf Option". Look at your garden and think about what you can do about the problem..while enhancing its appearance.

Some long term economic drawbacks of genuine lawns are easy enough to tally. Lawns are thirsty, of course! VERY THIRSTY. The average American lawn gulps down 21,600 gallons of water per year. Lawns planted atop sandy soil in this County may be particularly wasteful since they drain more quickly. Water usage problems are particularly acute when homeowners lay sod ill-suited to the Monterey geography and climate.

Shown below are different types of artificial turf. Typical applications are for landscaping, playgrounds, sports and golf putting greens. Aside from the application itself, consider the pile height, color, thatch and face weight. Most of the costs associated with this Option are upfront costs. For example, in addition to the turf itself, installation involves laying down a base which to put it on. So before you make a decision get an estimate. Just call 831-394-6967 and ask for Roark. Ask questions! At the end of the day, Craven Landscaping's job is to turn YOUR dream into reality.