Landscaping Maintenance Estimate Request


Weekly & Bi Weekly Maintenance Services--Ongoing*
  • Mow areas presently maintained as defined above.
  • Weed control in clubs, turf areas, walkways, planter beds.
  • Edge beds, walkways, and curbs.
  • Blow all walkway and curb areas.
  • Trash debris removed from lawns, planter, shrubs, and parking lot/driveway.
Periodic Services *
  • Naturally prune all shrubs, bushes, bushes and trees less than 15' in height, remove dead branches, shrubs or other landscape materials on grounds. Irrigation System inspection and maintenance (parts extra)
  • Edge and mulch existing tree rings and beds as touch up.
  • Insecticide application (as necessary)*
  • Lawn/Garden Area Fertilization (Spring and Fall)
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Fertization of shrubs, trees, ground cover (Spring)
  • Broad Leaf weed control (Spring, Fall)
*Material/parts and some labor cost may be extra in certain cases. Please ask for details.
Hiring a professional to install a landscape is just the beginning. Plants do not establish themselves until the second or third year, and a long-term commitment of five, ten or more years are necessary to reveal the garden's full potential.

Craven Landscaping is made up of dedicated people who work hard to guide your garden, landscape, or even your parking lot to the vision conceived